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Overview and About the B.Tech. in Manufacturing Technology Course:

Engineering students who pursue a B.Tech in Manufacturing Technology are trained to create highly effective machines. They aim to improve the whole machinery process while considering tool, labour, logistics, and other relevant factors. The instruments that are produced with the aid of manufacturing technology are extremely effective, ready for use, and designed to simplify life. Applicants have the skills necessary to produce agricultural goods effectively and affordably for farmers. Applicants who choose the B.Tech. in Manufacturing Technology programme have a wide range of career options, including mechatronics, operation research, quality control, casting, metal joining procedures, metal cutting, and tool design.

Modern manufacturing technology places a strong emphasis on comfort and convenience. It makes a significant contribution to creating a stable economy and excellent standards of living. Many developing technologies, including computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), are employed in the production of finished goods at the assembly level for improved performance. This programme is offered by several reputable universities in India, including IITs and NITs, and it leads to numerous employment prospects after it is completed.

Manufacturing is the process of producing items for use or sale using machinery, equipment, and labour. The phrase may be used to describe a variety of human endeavours, from handcraft to high tech, but it is most frequently used to describe industrial production, in which enormous quantities of raw materials are turned into completed things. Such finished items may be sold to wholesalers, who in turn sell them to retailers, who in turn sell them to end-users, or they may be used to manufacture other, more sophisticated products, such as vehicles, home appliances, or aeroplanes.

Why to do the course?

  • Throughout all industries, manufacturing engineering is a growing field. For individuals who take pleasure in tackling challenging challenges, it is a fulfilling job. Students that pursue this subject are trained to collaborate with others and have the opportunity to earn professional credentials.
  • Applicants who pursue this degree should feel confident about their future since resource industrialization is a continuous process, and the growing need for new products and equipment will allow them to work on greater things.
  • Once employed by a firm, this degree also guarantees a basic financial advantage to the employees with ongoing incentives.
  • It is a degree that is used and recognised all around the world and has advantages both domestically and abroad.
  • attractive annual packages provided by some of the most well-known businesses of renown on a national and worldwide scale, including Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Infosys, etc.
  • The training is useful for job seekers who want to work in a diversified, highly dynamic environment.

Eligibility Criteria Required for the Course B.Tech. in Biotechnology Engineering:

  • A minimum of 55% must be obtained in the higher secondary board test by the pupils.
  • For lateral entrance students, a three-year diploma from an accredited board in a relevant topic is required.
  • The reservation category has a different eligibility standard. They receive some marks that are relaxed.
  • If they want to be considered for the admissions process, all applicants must achieve the entrance exam cut-off.
  • Candidates must pass the 12th exam or an equivalent from a reputable board with PCM as their primary subjects.

Highlights of the B.Tech. in Manufacturing Technology Course:

Full name of the course

Bachelor of Technology in Manufacturing Technology

Duration of the course

4 years

Type of the course


Examination Mode

Semester Based

Eligibility Criteria

Also, candidates must have received a minimum of 50 to 70 percent on their preceding exams.

Admission Process

Entrance/ Merit Based

Course Fee

INR 1 lakh to 5 lakhs

Top Recruiting Companies

Hero Honda, Yamaha, Maruti, Kirloskar

Job Roles

Engineer of manufacturing processes, manager of product design, etc.

Top Colleges for the course, B.Tech. in Manufacturing Technology:

Check out the list of top colleges given below for doing the course, B.Tech. in Manufacturing Technology.


College Name


Indian institute of technology Kharagpur campus




Sant Longowal Institute of engineering and technology)


National institute of foundry and forge technology


Delhi technological University, New Delhi


Amity school of engineering and technology Noida


Indian institute of technology Hyderabad


Visvesvaraya national institute of technology Nagpur

Admission Process for the B.Tech. in Manufacturing Technology course:

  • The B.Tech in Manufacturing Technology undergraduate programme includes a lengthy admissions process that must be completed in order to apply for admission.
  • Candidates take an entrance test to start this procedure, and the organisation in charge of administering the exam, JOSAA, then publishes a merit list and a cut-off list based on the results Joint Seat Allocation Authority.
  • The next step is a seat allocation and counselling process, both of which are managed by JOSAA. College seats are assigned based on JEE Main’s All India Rank.

Syllabus to be Study in the duration of the course B.Tech. in Manufacturing Technology Course:

In First Semester:

·      Computer Programming

·      Machine Tools and Processes                                                                                                                                  

·      Basic Electrical Engineering

·      Technical English                                                                                                              

·      Engineering Mathematics 

·      Engineering Graphics


In Second Year:

·      Metrology & Measurements

·      Casting and Welding Technology

·      Electronics and Microprocessor

·      CNC Technology

·      Strength of Materials

·      Engineering Thermodynamics

·      Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Machinery                                                                                                        

·      Material Science                       


In Third Year:

·      Engineering Materials and Metallurgy

·      Process Planning & Cost Estimation

·      Metal Forming and Powder Metallurgy

·      Computer Integrated Manufacturing

·      Design of Machine Elements       

·      Computer Aided Design             

·      Modern Concepts of Engineering Design                                                                                           


In Fourth Year:

·      Operation Research 

·      Lab Work

·      Finite Element Methods                                                                                                                                   

·      Mechatronics       

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question. How effective is manufacturing engineering?
Answer. Anybody with an aptitude for logic and analysis should choose a profession in manufacturing engineering. By earning this degree and working for the manufacturing units of their choosing, one may quickly broaden one’s horizons.

Question. What are some pointers for launching a manufacturing engineering career?
Answer. Those who desire to pursue this degree must first have a solid understanding of mathematics, physics, and chemistry. One should be committed and creative in their approach because the course is focused on the study of the analytical side of industrial engineering.

Question. Is control engineering for automation a good major?
Answer. Absolutely, a degree in automation engineering is wise given how well-paid this field is. The average wage in other countries is higher than the average income in your country.

Question. Which bachelor of technology degree, manufacturing engineering or manufacturing technology, is preferable?
Answer. These degrees are superior since a bachelor of technology in manufacturing technology primarily trains students to use equipment and tools inefficiently.

Question. What will the recruitment focus areas be for manufacturing technology bachelor’s degrees?
Answer. Government and commercial enterprises, chemical companies, automotive firms, manufacturing industries, colleges, and universities are among the places that are actively recruiting for bachelor of technology in manufacturing technology degrees.

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