The polytechnic certificate is a professional course that engages understudies with the fundamental useful perspectives in the area of innovation. Haryana State Board of Technical Education, Panchkula is a state-run office offering the Polytechnic Diploma course in Haryana. The Polytechnic Diploma is one of a handful of the specialized courses that understudies can seek after Class tenth. Understudies can seek after a recognition in different parts of designing and innovation like electrical, mechanical, Information innovation, drug store, synthetics, gadgets, media communications, etc.

The Polytechnic Diploma course has been arranged in a way that furnishes understudies with essential level specialized information in various fields that assists understudies with either seeking after designing in the field or even seek after a section level work. The confirmation course is an exceptionally pragmatic course that furnishes understudies with down to earth information as opposed to just hypothetical information which assists understudies with preparing position for a portion of the expense contrasted with other specialized courses.

Understudies can seek after a Polytechnic Diploma in the wake of handling their Class tenth or comparable norm. Under the Department of Technical Education, the Haryana State Board has various establishments offering courses to furnish youths with the specialized information expected for what’s to come.

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The Haryana State Board of Technical Education, Panchkula has commanded the accompanying qualification measures for a polytechnic recognition course:

∙ Understudies ought to have passed in SSC/tenth from any Recognized board. (Understudy showed up for tenth assessment anticipating results can likewise apply for the Polytechnic Diploma Course)

∙         An understudy ought to have had Mathematics and Science as mandatory subjects in the SSC/tenth assessment

∙         The base age for joining the course is 14 years

∙         Understudies ought to have scored at least 35% imprints in the SSC/tenth/comparable assessment. (33% imprints in the event of ST, SC, KM class)

On the off chance that an understudy needs a parallel passage to the recognition course after the twelfth, coming up next are the qualification measures:

∙         Understudies ought to have spent the 2-year ITI course after tenth/S.S.C or passed the 10+2 (professional) assessment or ought to have breezed through the 10+2 assessment from a perceived board.

∙         Understudies ought to have qualified the above assessment with PCM or twelfth class passed with NSQF level 4

∙         Understudies ought to have gotten at least 35% imprints in the above assessment.

Confirmation Process

The Haryana State Board of Technical Education, Panchkula runs a web-based affirmation process for admission to the Polytechnic Diploma courses in the state. There is no selection test expected for looking for admission to the Diploma courses. All applicants that meet the qualification measures can apply for the course. In any case, the competitors need to partake in a directing cycle led by the specialists. The cycle is as per the following:

∙         Online Process of Application charge installment and structure filling

∙         Confirmation of imprints by an approved organization

∙         Declaration of legitimacy list

∙         Installment of advising expenses for understudies showing up in the legitimacy list followed by directing

∙         Online enlistment and decision filling

∙         Designation of seat and confirmation

The rundown of reports that should be submitted at the hour of structure filling are:

∙         Character Proof/Aadhar Card

∙         Address

∙         Haryana Domicile Certificate

∙         Photo

∙         tenth Passing Exam Certificate/S.S.C Certificate or confirmation of having showed up for the assessment

∙         Signature

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Educational plan

An alternate part of the Polytechnic Diploma has an alternate arrangement of schedule. The educational plan is partitioned into 6 semesters each for a length of a half year. An understudy needs to pass every one of the 6 semesters to pass the recognition course.

HSBTE Mechanical Engineering Syllabus

HSBTE Syllabus for first Semester

▪              Relational abilities – I

▪              Applied Mathematics – I

▪              Applied Physics – I

▪              Applied Chemistry-I

▪              Essentials Of Information Technology

▪              Designing Drawing – I

▪              General Workshop Practice – I

Mechanical Engineering Syllabus for second Semester

▪              Relational abilities – II

▪              Applied Mathematics – II

▪              Applied Physics-II

▪              Applied Chemistry-II

▪              Applied Mechanics

▪              Designing Drawing – II

▪              General Workshop Practice – II

HSBTE Syllabus for third Semester

▪              Strength Of Materials

▪              Thermodynamics

▪              Rudiments Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering

▪              Studio Technology-1

▪              Machine Drawing

▪              Studio Practice – I

Mechanical Engineering Syllabus for fourth Semester

▪              Materials And Metallurgy

▪              Power through pressure And Hydraulic Machines

▪              Motors

▪              Machine Design And Drawing

▪              Studio Technology-II

▪              Studio Practice – II

HSBTE Syllabus for fifth Semester

▪              Hypothesis Of Machines

▪              Refrigeration And Air Conditioning

▪              Employability Skills – I

▪              Natural Education

▪              CNC Machines And Automation

▪              Studio Technology – III

▪              Studio Practice – III

Mechanical Engineering Syllabus for sixth Semester

▪              Car Engineering

▪              Assessment And Quality Control

▪              Modern Engineering

▪              Business Development And Management

▪              Employability Skills – Ii

▪              Project Work

HSBTE Civil Engineering Syllabus

HSBTE Syllabus for Semester II

▪              Relational abilities – II

▪              Applied Mathematics – II

▪              Applied Physics-II

▪              Applied Chemistry-II

▪              Applied Mechanics

▪              Designing Drawing – II

▪              General Workshop Practice – II

Structural Engineering Syllabus for Semester III

▪              Liquid Mechanics

▪              Underlying Mechanics

▪              Looking over – I

▪              Development Materials

▪              Building Construction

▪              Structural Engineering Drawing – I

HSBTE Syllabus for Semester IV

▪              Substantial Technology

▪              Water Supply And Waste Water Engineering

▪              Water system Engineering

▪              Looking over – II

▪              RCC Design

▪              Structural Engineering Drawing – II

Structural Engineering Syllabus for Semester V

▪              Steel Structures Design

▪              Roadway Engineering

▪              Overview Camp

▪              PC Applications In Civil Engineering

▪              Soil And Foundation Engineering

▪              Natural Education

▪              Underlying Drawings

▪              Employability Skills – I

HSBTE Syllabus for Semester VI

▪              Tremor Resistant Building Construction

▪              Rail lines, Bridges And Tunnels

▪              Amount Surveying And Valuation

▪              Development Management And Accounts

▪              Fix And Maintenance Of Buildings

▪              Natural Engineering

▪              Pre-focused Concrete

▪              Employability Skills – II

▪              Significant Project Work

Future and Scope of Polytechnic Diploma

Polytechnic Diploma offers worthwhile vocation possibilities to the competitors. One can seek after a brilliant profession in different streams post the culmination of the program. Polytechnic Diploma gives one an incredible comprehension of the field. The specialization in the particular field opens new entryways of chances in the private area, public area as well as government organizations. A portion of the imminent work places that one secure after the fulfillment of confirmation include:

  1. Junior specialist
  2. IT aide
  3. Supervisor
  4. Technician
  5. Mechanical Engineer and significantly more

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